November 23, 2007

Dia de los Turkeys

Thanksgiving is officially over, although in our house, it has just begun. I just put a 22lb Turkey in the oven so that Big D can get his leftover Turkey sandwich fix. From the size of the turkey, I think we might have leftovers until Christmas. Hopefully he won't end up looking like he did last night after GORGING himself on all the fixins' at his mothers house.
Z-man slept through "The Meal" yesterday and Little D spent the entire time yelling at me that he needed water.

"Water, Meghan!"

He ate his roll, and that was about it, until dessert, when he "ate" a piece of Pumpkin Pie, which consisted mainly of him scooping the whipped cream off the top of it.

Then we tried to get a picture for GP & Poppy's Christmas card. Needless to say, at least for those of you who know Little D, it did not go over well. We had to pull him away from playing trains, so he was pretty damn pissed at us. I post the pictures to give you an idea of the experience, but I've edited them just on the off chance that GP decides to use them. I don't want to spoil her card completely.

That would be my dramatic son throwing himself on the floor.

It was the Worst. Thing. Ever!

That went on for a good 10 minutes. Until we all just decided it wasn't worth listening to anymore screaming or crying (some of which was coming from me). Big D and I didn't speak for a little while after the photo session. For those of you who were there, I wasn't trying to say that Big D made Little D cry to begin with. I was simply trying to say that the way he was approaching the situation, (literally, the way he was coming toward us) was making it worse b/c Little D thought he was ruining his train tracks. So There. Whatever. I'm over it now. Clearly.

The rest of the photos of the day are here.

So, now we prepare for Christmas. Should be pretty easy since I never got around to taking last year's lights down. Take that, neighbors! I beat you to the festivities AND I didn't even have to lift a finger! What can be better than that? Now that's the Holiday spirit!

Z Man is yelling and the "Magic" swing is out of batteries. Again. Looks like I have to go perform my motherly duties. Oh, and my turkey probably needs basting.

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Sis in law w/3boyz said...

Make you feel like a dork, how in the heck do you have time for this? You must have great time management skills! Teach me! Lots of love from your sis in law with three boys!