November 21, 2007

Lessons Learned at The Zoo

On our trip to the Zoo yesterday, we did the usual. Hung out by the Elephants, imitated the Gorillas and, most importantly, rode the train. It was on the train that I learned there was hope for the future. That it is possible to raise nice, responsible boys in today's world.

Here's the scenario:

Full train. Pregnant lady, young son & Grandma looking for a seat. Mom looks a little nervous, which I totally understand because, OMG can you imagine the HEARTBREAK if they can't get on and her son has to watch this train leave without him.

The three seats in front of us are occupied by a man and his four children. Seat directly in front of us contains 1 boy, maybe 8 years old. Just as I start to comment to Grandma Pam that "You would think that man would be nice enough to offer these women a seat" Boy two rows up, maybe 11 years old, turns to boy in front of us and tells him to go up and "Sit with Dad." Little brother moves (without complaining about losing his seat), and Big brother turns to seatless ladies and says "You can sit here." I swear I almost started crying. I wanted to get up and give that little boy a hug and slap his dad on the backside of his head a) for not thinking of it himself and B) for not acknowledging the good deed his son had just done. He needs a pony, or a spaceship, or something that he thinks is incredibly cool from Hammacher Schlemmer, because what kid can resist the stuff in that catalog?

Hopefully my boys will impress someone one day like that kid impressed me. It's possible...IT IS POSSIBLE.

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