November 24, 2007

When You Have Nothing Interesting to Say...

Write a blog entry. So, this may not be the most interesting post I ever write, but I promise it will have some adorable pictures. Yee-Haw.

A word of the end of this post there will be an update to the "Shpoop" post from earlier in the week. That update will include a photo, so if you've got the sensitive sensibilities I talked about earlier, maybe, don't look at it. You've officially been warned.

You've also probably noticed I've been playing around with lots of cute nicknames for the men in my life. I'm doing away with that. It's stupid. I feel like a dork when I type them and you all know them by their real names, so that's what they're going to go by from now on. Some of the other blogs that I read use cute little nicknames and it's adorable and makes perfect sense. Somehow, I don't feel like I can pull it off as well as they do. Anyway, Grandma Pam will most likely remain GP simply because I'm lazy & don't want to type the whole thing out as often as I'm probably going to include her in a post (that's how much time we spend with her).

Okay, on to the less than interesting stuff occupying my mind today:

1) Dylan developed this weird rash following Thanksgiving dinner. I think it was just hives, but since none of us have ever had hives (at least since we bought our house and DJ had his FREAK OUT moment, or month, whatever) we weren't entirely sure. Plus, when it's something on your kid, you're sure it's some sort of horrible disease. Like Typhoid Fever (thanks, Private Practice) or Lyme Disease or Measles. I show you the remnants of them here:

P.S.- Not, I repeat NOT the adorable pictures I promised. Those are next:

2) I was looking through pictures the other day, trying to compare how similar, or dissimilar, Zach & Dylan are to each other. I present some of them to you decide.

Dylan on the Left

Zach on the Right

YES, they're even in the same outfit. I know, I know, I have WAY too much free time on my hands.

Now, PLEASE take the poll at the top left of the page.

3) My Turkey from yesterday turned out DE-Lish. Well, after it went back into the oven for another 30 minutes. There's nothing like trying to carve a RAW turkey. Not raw, exactly, but definitely not cooked through. If it had been a steak it would have been PERFECT!

Before & After

4) For the one you've all been waiting for...the Shpoop. To be fair, this one occurred right as he was waking up from a SUPER LONG nap, like five hours, so his diaper was full of the other stuff. There was really nowhere for it to go. Except Out:


Sometimes, a bath is the only thing that's going to make any difference. The "magic" swing pad is in the wash as well. :0)


A Mom Two Boys said... sad is it that I have to comment on MY OWN BLOG since no one else will!

Just wanted to say how freakin cute my awesome kids are. Please let me know if you agree or not.

HRH said...

OK, the kids are scary-same...weird. But my favorite picture is absolutely the diaper poop-through...I never had the forsight to get a picture of one of are so ahead of your time.

Funny stuff.