June 1, 2008

Hello? Is Anybody Still Here?

Don't forget...I've moved!

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Update your feeds...where have you guys been?!

May 22, 2008


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May 21, 2008

Who Am I Going To Piss Off? Oh Good! Everyone!

I wasn't going to post today, because truth be told, I'M SO OVER THE INTERNET AND LOOKING AT THIS DAMN COMPUTER SCREEN I WANT TO SCREAM, but then I saw something and that made me think of something else, and I knew I just HAD to visit with y'all today. Especially since my Google Reader has 187 unread posts and I haven't even added my new AlMediocre buddies to it...Gah! I'm so behind in the blog world, it's scary. Scary I tell you.
BUT, I did stop by my trusty Google Reader to check in and I found this waiting for me and it totally made my day. You all know and love Bossy, or at least I assume you do, because who doesn't love Bossy?
Apparently the answer to that is "Linda" who had this to say about that there post:

"Well, done reading Bossy...it was a nice time, but it's just not worth it anymore."
Posted by: Linda May 21, 2008 at 10:40 AM

Do you think she meant:

1) Done reading Bossy because she's offended about the vaginas, lesbians & pedophile Republicans Bossy talked about?
2) Done reading Bossy because she was holding out hope that Bossy wasn't actually straight and that she might one day end up as Bossy's future husband?

I just can't be sure. But, one thing I AM sure of is that Linda needs to pull that stick out of her ass. She might like people, ALL people, better if she was more comfortable. I'm just sayin'.

On a totally unrelated, but somehow connected (?) topic, one of the members of AllMediocre put this picture on her website the other day and it cracked me up. It probably shouldn't have cracked me up, but COME ON...who designed that thing? Really? And by that I mean, what person designed the light switch to make it look like Jesus is sharing his wang with two small children? Not more cosmically/biblically, like who designed the wang to begin with? That's a good question, though. I mean, there are a few design flaws. But that's another discussion for another time.
On ANOTHER totally unrelated note, Tahoe just licked all the bacon fat out of the foil in the kitchen garbage can. Now he's banished to the dining room so that when he throws up I can clean it up easily. Nice.
And? And?! In the latest "Developments of Baby Zach" series: He has a tooth! A real, honest to goodness, I can feel it when I stick my finger in his mouth, tooth! And he's a champion army-crawler and also eats cheese. Real cheese. I'd share the 2.5 minute video I took of him eating cheese with you, but I'm pretty sure I've lost a few subscribers already and I'd like to hold on to the rest of you for a little while longer!

May 19, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday - Brothers!

Because there's nothing quite as sweet as a baby's laughter. And because the boys are FINALLY enjoying each other's company. I'm sure it won't last long, so I want to enjoy it while it does! I hope you do too!

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Happy Monday! Now go visit Absolutely Bananas for more Make Me Laugh Monday and don't forget to head over to AllMediocre and join in on the fun!

May 18, 2008

Weekly Winners 5.18.08

I've been so busy I haven't taken many pictures lately. But, with the arrival of Zach's first tooth, I've been trying to get a shot of it. And with the arrival of stellar weather, we've spent a bit of time outside. I managed to get a few good shots...they're just kid heavy! Enjoy!

May 17, 2008

It's Not You...It's Meme

Heather, from A Mama's Blog tagged me, 12 years ago, for a Meme. I've been busy...and am just now getting around to it.

But wait. I started to think about it and I realized I've done this one. Back in December. When I had even fewer readers than I do now! Like, NONE! Or so I assume because It got NO comments. So, click on over and check it out. You just might learn a thing or two about me. And believe me, I'm interesting.

In other news, playgroup was a smashing success. Dylan even solidified his leading man status when he confirmed his love for his girlfriend M. The boy's got good taste, cause she's DAMN cute. And when she left he blew her a kiss. And then she hugged him and, after a little encouragement, he hugged her back and did a little squeeze and lift action. Like when he's a football player in high school and after the game his cute little cheerleader girlfriend comes up to him and gives him a hug and he picks her up clear off the ground while hugging her. Like that, except that they're three and he wasn't dirty & sweaty and she's not a cheerleader. Or his girlfriend. Am I getting ahead of myself here?

Also, if you're going to have a bunch of 2-3 year old-ish kids around, I HIGHLY recommend investing in a slushie maker. Mine is the Slushie Express from Target. It kept those kiddos happy, quiet and, more importantly, OUTSIDE for quite a while. The mom who's hosting next week asked if I'd bring it to her house.

On a completely unrelated topic...

If you've been wondering about Baby Emily, here's a snippet of the most recent update from her Care Pages site:
(She had emergency brain surgery a few weeks ago due to a sudden increase in the size of the tumor.)
We are out of the ICU and happy to be back up on the 9th floor. Emily continues to get stronger every day but she has a tough battle. Her white blood cell counts have been at or around zero for a couple of days but are now officially on the rise. She is dealing with agitation from the surgery and a pretty severe case of mucositus from the chemotherapy. She is also beginning to lose her hair. Emily had another seizure last night and temporarily lost motion in her right hand in what can be called Todd's Paralysis, which is the weakness of the part of the body affected by the seizure. She has now fully regained motion in her right arm and the CT scan she had last night came back clean. It appears as though her brain is still going through some settling and the seizures are just one symptom. We are managing the seizures with Kepra and Adivan but hope that they will stop once her brain settles.
There is an ongoing effort to raise money for the family. In addition to direct donations, you can also order an Emily Bracelet, here's the info for that:

The bracelets are solid green (Emily’s favorite color!) and say Emily Faith Hope Love with tiny hearts between each word. They are adult size (not youth size). The bracelets are $5.00 each, but any donations above this amount certainly are welcome! ALL proceeds - 100% - will go into the Emily Anne Mandell Fund at Bank of America. Checks should be made to Alan Levin.

To order your own, please send a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED envelope to:

Alan Levin
6319 Mayfield Lane
Warrenton, VA 20187

The bracelets weigh 2 ounces each, so please figure the weight when calculating how much postage to put on the envelope.

SO! I suppose that's it for now. If you haven't signed up for AllMediocre, what in the hell are you waiting for? It's free! It's fun! Plus, we're going to be getting a mention on The Bloggess' Good Mom/Bad Mom blog! SO...get yourself signed up before that happens so you can be in on the action! Now! Go!

May 14, 2008

Prepare Your Ovaries...

Here she is! My niece Naomi!

I KNOW!!! Right? Look at those toes! And that fuzzy little head! In that second picture she looks just like my sister. Which is good. Both because she's a girl and because her big brother is the spitting image of his dad.
I'm dying that I don't get to see her anytime soon. I've been searching airfares trying to find something that was justifiable. No such luck. Especially when you factor in bringing 1 (or 2) children with me and the fact that I'd also have to rent a car. Costs add up fast. I'm going to start playing the lottery. Keep your fingers crossed for me, KThanks!
In other news, and because I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it...I need HELP over at the other site. Pretty please? Thanks, lovelies!
Well, I'm off to clean my carpets in preparation for a gaggle of pre-schoolers descending upon my house tomorrow. I'm going to be baking as well. This recipe from Cooking Light. Grandmaother and my Aunt gave it two thumbs up. Or this one, which I found while I was searching for the link for the other one. I'm a sucker for anything lemon...and almond. I suppose it will depend on if I can find almond paste and how much it costs. Sounds like I have quite the exciting day planned! Enjoy your day!