April 17, 2008

The BIG Day

Today is our wedding anniversary. Aww...I know. So, I bring you some photos from the big day. I am fortunate enough to have a good buddy who is quite possibly the world's best photographer. Really. He is*. His name is Jensen Sutta and he's cute as a button. Really. He is. Check out his site. I'm on there. I'm famous*. Really. I am.

ANYWAY...here are the photos from our wedding day in Cambria, quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. Or, at the very least, it's at the top of the list of the most beautiful places in California. I've added captions where I wanted to provide some extra info, but I did nothing to "fix" them. They don't need fixin.
DJ's sisters are on the outside. That's Quart next to me.
*Jenny, on the right, is 7 months pregnant in this photo*

This is Benji. He's our nephew (Jenny's 1st son). He's 2 1/2 here.

He sucked as a ring bearer, but he's cute, so that makes up for it.

This is me with Quart & Grandmaother

Apparently, I had my arms up in the air a lot.
If I remember correctly (and this was after SEVERAL Margarita's)
I had just told everyone how great I looked.
Drunk, Drunkest & Drunker

Um, isn't he supposed to have his hand on MY ass?
These are my in-laws. It's speech time.

This is my reaction to what my brand new Father-in-law said during his speech.

And I quote: "When I first met Meghan, I was like, 'Eh?'"

I. Kid. You. Not.
This is me, moments later, attempting to stop the tears.

From laughter?

And because I couldn't possibly end on THAT note.

*There's also someone else on Jensen's site, who is completely insane and the mere thought of her makes my skin crawl. But the pictures of her wedding are beautiful, even if she herself is frightful. Someday I'll tell you the story about her. It's a good one. She used to be my boss. Oh! And one of my brides is on there. I planned her wedding at the Resort where I used to work.

*He travels to anywhere in the world, so if you need a photographer for a big event, he's TOTALLY your guy.

Happy Anniversary, DJ! I love you!

Really, I do!


Angie said...

How many years?

We celebrate 11 on Saturday.

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for sharing your "raise the roof" pictures.


A Mom Two Boys said...

Four. Four long/short/glorious/painful years!

Madge said...

congratulations! you are beautiful. we hit 15 years next month. fifteen. ok, i'm having a panic attack right now. pass the wine please

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Congratulations! They really are gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous and the photos are too. Dang. ; ) Happy Anniversary!

Z said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

And WOW - you are HAWT! ;)

LindaJ said...

You are so cute!!
I just love the pictures. Happy Anniversary!! I love pic of hubby's hand on they other guys butt...typical!!

Christy said...

Happy anniversary! The pictures are beautiful.

Jennifer H said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful YOU.

JCK said...

Such gorgeous pictures. And yes, you did look like you were whooping it up a lot with your arms raised. But, why not? It's your wedding! Happy Anniversary!

Angie said...

Damn. (Seriously I don't cuss a lot. You must keep catching me after couple beers or glasses of wine.) I don't know why you didn't make my list today. Because you 1) make me laugh out loud almost every time you post (unless you post one of your ridiculous political posts ;-)) or 2) you encourage me with your reality of not helping me with the dishes, but bringing me some red wine which is better, or 3) you simply make me think, but I hate to admit that here. That would let my conservative republican skin get sort of thin and I CAN'T HAVE THAT!
SORRY about that. Please know I consider you a great freaking (didn't cuss) blog friend.


Quart said...

That was SO MUCH FUN!! I wish we'd gotten married after you so Jensen could have photographed our wedding . . . When is the Cambria reunion?

EatPlayLove said...

Beautiful pictures. It just reminds me about the 2 things that went awry at my wedding 1.cake and 2. photographer.

Yeah, bummer. But it's our 10th anniversary in June and I am having a cake party.A beautiful, wish my original cake looked like this party. I can't wait.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Well Happy Anniversary!!! And TULIPS!!!! Loves me some tulips!

HRH said...

Seriously those are the most amazing wedding photos EVAH (the alternate spelling is for big effect). So gorgeous. And you. And DJ. And Quart. And everyone else including Grandmaother or is it grandmoather (the alternate spelling is because I am ignorant) who needs to use that photo on her profile because she looks too young to be a grandmother.

I love what your father in law said. HA! And I love that you laughed through the whole blessed event. Yeah.