April 26, 2008

In Which My Sleep Deprivation Causes Me To Ramble About Sleep Deprivation

Erika at Plain Jane Mom shared her newfound tip for obtaining a successful night's sleep. Pop 2 pills...Magnesium & Calcium...about an hour before you go to bed. There's more to it, but you can read about it over there...Sounds easy enough, right?

My question is this...

Is a combination of Magnesium & Calcium safe for a three year old? Cause if the answer is Yes, I'm getting my shit together and heading DIRECTLY to Target to get me some of that magic potion.

After the night we had last night, I'm willing to try ANYDAMNTHING. The usual dose of Benadryl, due to his sudden and SEVERE seasonal allergies didn't even knock the kid out last night. The day he spent screwing around with his cousins "swimming" didn't even knock the kid out last night. The fact that we didn't even get home until after 9pm last night and he still had to shower (from all the "swimming") and ended up staying up until 10pm (from all the "screaming" coming from his brother) didn't even knock the kid out last night. He was up at least 6 times. Mostly because, as he puts it, his "nose is running out!" and must be wiped IMMEDIATELY by MOMMY. At one point he needed "to go pee, mommy." My response? "ust pee in your damn diaper and go back to sleep." Sadly I'm not kidding. I'll be accepting Mothering Awards starting tomorrow. Thank you very much.

As for the baby? I don't know if he's teething or going through a growth spurt or what, but he SCREAMED for an hour and a half last night. After completely losing his shit no less than four times in that time frame, I finally got him to sleep at 10:30. He slept until 2. And then again until 6. At which point I figured I'd bring him back into my room, feed him, and just keep him in there with me until it was a decent time to get up. It worked like a charm.

For 15 minutes, at which point his asshole brother Dylan came into our room crying because he needed "A tissue or nappin cause my nose is runnin' out." Needless to say, he woke Zach up, who was MORE THAN HAPPY to begin his day. Also needless to say, I WAS NOT. Dylan went back to his room and slept until 8:15. Zach and I got up and watched TV until 7:45 when he was ready for a nap. DJ slept unti
8:30. I've been living on coffee and iced tea.

I'm dreading tonight. I'm going to get myself liquored up nice and good and hope that even if the boys wake up, I won't hear them.

Sounds better than drugging them, right?

I might try that tomorrow.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

At the very least the liquor will help with not caring about getting up multiple times.

papa-oomau-al said...

I was gonna call to say 'Hey', then I read your post. Out of respect for the dead, I'll wait until Monday.

EatPlayLove said...

Hopefully, it's not 2 nights back to back. Personally I have given up the notion of a good nights sleep until about 2015. Yeah, pretty bad.

Terri said...

Hi Meg! It's me, Terri, Courtney's friend...you know, I just started giving my daughter a multivitamin at night, I finally found one she would take. I check and it has 75 mg of magnesium in it. It does not have calcium, but she takes it at bedtime with you guessed it - milk! And I have noticed she has been sleeping better! In fact I just ran out and the sleep is not as good again! It's called Kirkman Super Nu Thera.
It's good stuff and it tastes like raspberry!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Toots: If I can manage to get up!
Papa: Probably a good choice.
EPL: 2015? I'm thinking 2035!
Terri: HI! Thanks! In all my "bitch & complain" it never occured to me to think about a VITAMIN! DUH!

HRH said...

Good thinking. I am sooo sorry! Hope you got a nap.

Anonymous said...

There's also those gummy calcium vitamins -- just a thought!

Quart said...

I've found that when my baby monitor is turned off Will is surprisingly quiet. I've concluded that it must have something to do with the lack of radiowaves transmitting between our rooms when it's not on . . . I guess it won't work with Dylan since he can get out of bed, but I recommend it.

Angie said...

A couple glasses of red or two margaritas make me a much better mother. I can admit it.


JCK said...

I hope you got more sleep. Sorry I haven't been over in a few days. I've been trying to reshuffle my life, organizing and getting into a flow and soon I will be back to normal. But...I missed you.

Just pee in your damn diaper!!!! HAHAHAAHA

Oh, and after my rant at Supernanny on my blog post yesterday, E tucked BOY in per our usual and he slept ALL NIGHT LONG!! I believe Mommy's instinct rules. Take THAT Supernanny!