April 16, 2008

Limp Hump Day

It's Wednesday! You know what that means? NOTHING! It's just Wednesday!

Here are a few things that are sure to make you happy it's Wednesday...

1) This is what my ankle looks like today. It hurts. Actually, it HURT until I took some DRUGS. Now it's just swollen and ugly but not too painful. I think I might be able to manage Target. Just maybe. DJ says it's not really swollen, that I just need to come to terms with the fact that I have Cankles. To which I replied something that's not even fit for THIS blog. You may use your imagination.

2) I mentioned yesterday that I have recently been the lucky recipient of a few Blog Awards. To which I say THANK YOU and your standards must not be very HIGH.

Tootsie gave me the "E" Award. I'm flattered. Although it reminds me of a certain no-longer-in-existance company's emblem. I'm hopeful she's not trying to tell me something. I can tell you that this blog has NOT made a Gabillion Dollars and will NOT be screwing hundreds of people out of their hard earned retirement money. Although I do have my fingers crossed.

Anyway, I pass this award along to Eat Play Love. She recently wrote a post that I could have written myself, and have thought about writing many times and will hopefully get together sometime soon. It's my biggest pet peeve about other people's parenting. It drives me nuts. It makes me want to SCREAM. She's also very concerned about the current Banana shortage. You see, she is very well rounded. Go check her out if you haven't already.

The ever lovely Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana passed along this gem. So sweet.

I'm going to have to give this to by IBFF Z, who you all know from Autobiography of My Feet. Not only is she a great email buddy, but she single handedly takes care of my need/desire to see the lovely New York City. I anxiously await the end of September when I a) get to go back to NYC for the first time in 3 years and b) get to meet her in person. Can't wait.

Speaking of Z, she passed this award along to me a few weeks ago.

Ain't it purdy? Don't you want to print it out and frame it? Well, I can tell you I did just that and it looks nice. Real nice.

I'm passing this along to four great ladies because any day they post something is a good day in my book.

Holly, Tootsie, JCK & Angie - you ladies are awesome.

3) Deadliest Catch was on last night...and it was AWESOME. Seriously. AWESOME. And the best part?! It was TWO hours long and I haven't even seen the second hour yet! I have ANOTHER episode to watch tonight! Is anybody with me in thinking that Andy Hillstrand is dreamy? Anyone? Anyone?

4) Mrs. Flinger wrote this post the other day and hit on a topic I've been thinking about recently. What's up with the whole pseudonym thing? If you have one, what motivated you to use it instead of your real name?

5) I'm off to clean up now. I went to Tarjay and purchased some new cleaners, on the advice of Lotus. She had me at "our house smells like a fruity, adult beverage." Nothing motivates me to clean like buying new cleaning supplies. Except if company's coming over.


Amanda said...

I LOVE Deadliest Catch and can't wait to get home since I fell asleep at the lovely hour of 8:30 last night and miss the episode. Thanks for reminding me about it :) And you don't(!) have cankles. lol.

Feener said...

i used a fake name b/c i don't want any one i know in real life to know about my blog. i am chicken shit.

EatPlayLove said...

Aaw..Thank you so much, I had a nice and much needed chuckle reading your post.

Please tell your hubby, your ankle is DEFINITELY swollen and you do not, I repeat DO NOT have cankles, those cute feet are not baking bread.


Anonymous said...

No cankles, and if I had feet that cute, I'd be barefoot all winter long!
You need wine and ice for that ankle.
And I don't have a pseudonym but I don't use my full name, or my husband's or even my kids' names at all. I'm just wary of internet creepies.

Z said...

As a half a doctor, my official position is that your ankle is swollen. I prescribe plenty of ice cream and some wine. ;)

And thanks for the award! I love it!!!

Madge said...

i use a fake name because my boss started reading my blog, because i told him about it and then regretted it and then started a new blog, which i really don't like but am stuck there. damn

Quart said...

Um, were you going to tell me you're going to be in NYC in September?

Cathy said...


JCK said...

You have lovely ankles and feet, I might add. I'll take those with the swelling any day of the week!

Thank you my dear lovely, Girl, for that gorgeous award! You are the cat's meow!

Please rest and continue to drink lots of wine.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Your ankle is definitely swollen! Holy cow!

Thanks for my award!! I adore it!

ps~ I meant nothing cryptic about your award. To me it looks like the rated E for everyone thing on video games. You will know this someday when your boys are older!

Lulu said...

Well, if it's any consolation, your painted toenails look nice. Real nice!

I hope that your cankle is better soon.

HRH said...

Love the picture. Hmmmm...it does appear one ankle is larger then the other...have you noticed that?

I probably should use a fake name, but wouldn't be able to keep track of it if I did. It confuses me enough to use HRH, June Cleaver and Holly. Ugh. I think I will throw it all out and just call myself and my blog "BOB".

Thanks for the award. As you will be able to tell in the super secret message I sent you via the email system in your town, I could use it. I promise not to cut it out and wear it because that would be just kinda creepy, but I really, really appreciate it.