April 3, 2008

Evolving, With A Little Help From The Learning Channel

I just realized what an evolution my life has seen in the past few years, completely based on what programs I watch on TLC. I turned to that station and, much to my disgust (apparently, because I rolled my eyes and made a little "geack" sound before changing the channel) "A Wedding Story" was on. I have no interest in watching that schmaltzy, ooglie-googlie, gag me with a spoon crap* anymore.

In college it was "Trading Spaces"
Then, it became "A Wedding Story"
Then, I got married and it became "A Baby Story"
After that, it became "Bringing Home Baby"
Now? Now it's a little of "Bringing Home Baby" and a lot of "Take Home Chef" and "What Not To Wear"

I wonder what it will be next?

I'll probably have to start watching "The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom"

And, in other Discovery Networks news, me favoritest show evah**, Deadliest Catch, returns with new episodes on the 15th! Of April! In 12 Days! 2 Days after Quart's Birthday! How awesome of a birthday present is that?!

And, this is just an awesome story. I like the fact that the Discovery Channel & The Associated Press are calling it "poop."

*Have any of you watched any of the new gameshow "Moment of Truth"? It's stupid. Anyway, we were watching it last night and the host was all "This next questions could potentially ruin your marriage. Are you sure you want to go ahead and continue to $100,000, with the possibility of ruining your marriage, or do you want to walk away now with $25,000?" And she was all "I'm going for it" and her husband was all nervous looking. Well, the question was "Have you ever regretted marrying your husband?" and she got all nervous looking and her husband was all nervous looking and swallowing and blinking his eyes all crazy and she's all "Yes. Yes I have" and DJ and I are all "DUH. Hasn't EVERYONE? How would confessing THAT ruin your marriage?" So, is that good that we were on the same page and in agreement (which doesn't normally happen) or bad that we both admitted to having, at one time or another, regretted marrying the each other? We're SO past the Honeymoon phase. Hmmmm....**

**Does using incorrect grammar and spelling make it, as I seem to think, seem more exciting and important? Kind of like ALL CAPS, italics or bold-ing something? If I'd said "MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER" instead of "Me favoritest show evah" would it have been more obvious that I LOVE ME SOME DEADLIEST CATCH?

OH! And no, I was not on drugs while typing yesterday's post. I'd only had 1.5 cups of coffee, some Honeynut Cheerios with skim milk and some Trader Joe's Greek Style Honey Yogurt. Got a problem with that? And since I'm pretty sure you're going to ask after reading this, NO, I am not on drugs or hopped up on caffeine right now. I AM going to go pour myself a glass of wine. Right. Now.


Z said...

I am addicted to TLC's "Jon and Kate plus 8" ... And "What not to wear" ... And "A Baby Story"

um, yeah

also, once I'm done with a bit of photo editing, I will have something for you over on my blog. Don't hold your breath waiting, but... it *might* be there after you finish your glass of wine. If not the first, then the second. And don't try to deny there will be a second! ;)

Loralee Choate said...

I have gone through all of those shows, too (And I also LOVES ME SOME DEADLIEST CATCH!).

Right now my obsession is "Jon and Kate Plus 8".

Damn, I don't know how they do it.

Madge said...

of course you are not crazy for admitting you have at some point regretted marrying your spouse. who hasn't? that show is k-razy

jennifer h said...

Could I have a refill, please? My wine glass is empty.

Start watching Real Housewives of New York City, so we can dish about it! (No, they are neither real nor housewives.) I love that show, even more than the Orange County version.

HRH said...

Your next stop on the TLC wagon is "10 years Younger" and Stacy's Friday evening chat show and then the Sell My House type shows. Its just the progression of TLC life. You couldn't get me to watch A Wedding Story if you paid me and I am even mocking A Baby Story regularly...my, how times change.

What in the heck is Deadliest Catch?

You so need to get you some Bravo. Top Chef, Project Runway, Real Housewives, etc.

The grammer questions are fascinating. I found myself appreciating the "evah". But it is one of those things that I just can't bring myself to use in a sentence. It is effective or affective...

This just got me all awake and fired up...you touched on some very, very important points. You really have your finger on the pulse of my blogworld.

So sorry you had a VERY early morning...us too. HAIL the size of golf balls at 3 am causing all 3 boys to be ensconsed in my bed and one who will remain nameless, kept screaming for breakfast with EAT! MILK! DOWN! I almost took his sorry little whiney butt back upstairs to bed despite the tornado warnings...ugh. I feel so competent and sexy this morning after no sleep.

Grandmaother said...

As your mother I'm not sure I should have found this quite so funny, but I keep having to laugh!

And as for your television watching, I could have suggested the show on public television recently about caring for your elderly parents.....

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Deadliest Catch is pretty awesome! And I watched A Baby Story non stop when I was pregnant with Girl-Child.

Angie said...

I do not watch much for TV anymore. Baby Story made me ache a bit when we were going through infertility. I watched it anyway.

What not to wear should be title. What not to watch. I cannot STAND that obnoxious BEEIITCH on that show. With a firey passion. Just sayin..

Evah makes such a strong point. positively all in the delievery. just like "just sayin" can't say "just saying" and get the same effect. Well done.


Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

I'd let you be in charge of the remote at my house since you watch quality programming.

Is it just me, or are those Deadliest Catch guys really sexy? I don't know why but I get a little...well, you know, *ahem* when I watch that show.

EatPlayLove said...

But wouldn't you love to run into Curtis, bring him home, and have him cook for you? I would.

Quart said...

I was going to ask if anyone has the same "thing" you have for Sig and apparently they ARE out there! I started out being feeling like a loser because I don't watch most of those shows (except Deadliest Catch, obviously), but you totally lost me at "A Moment of Truth." I cannot believe you watched that. And admitted it. You simply must call your cable company and insist that they give you Bravo. Then your TV life will finally be complete.

LindaJ said...

I love love love Deadliest catch too. I'm bit of a groupie.
Phil's son use to work at the car wash I go to. I've met Phil like 3 times and my neighbor use to work on Sigs boat (before Deadliest Catch)
Some of the perks of living in the Seattle area I guess..hee hee!!