April 15, 2008

Stop! It's Hormone Time!

I fully intended on writing a post about my hormone problem to the musical beat of McHammer's "You Can't Touch This." It would have been AWESOME but then I realized I'm not nearly as creative as I like to think, so I gave up on it. I also tried to come up with a song to go along with the WonderPets theme, but that didn't work either. I only succeeded in getting the damn thing stuck in my head. AGAIN.

You're Welcome.

Anyhoo, Zach's amount of time spent on the boob is tapering off and my hormone levels are adjusting upwards accordingly. Fun for everyone. Especially DJ.

Which explains some of my recent posts and why, upon initially reading about Baby Emily, I was a blubbering, teary mess for a good while. And when I say a GOOD while, I mean MUCH longer than I would have been normally. And then, NO ONE commented on that post, and I thought I totally ticked everyone off for telling asking you to donate to her family and THEN it took a while for more than 2 of you to comment on my RECIPE post and I thought for SURE I'd pissed you guys off and then I got all high-schoolie and was like "OMG, nobody likes me and I'm such a loser and I have no friends and no one is going to ask me to the prom and OMG." And then 2 more of you commented and Tootsie even gave me an award, which reminded me that Z had also give me an award and then I started to feel better but I was still not sure you all weren't mad at me and then it got hot and I drank a glass of wine and I complained and then you commented and now I'm starting to feel better about myself. And THEN Holly gave me an award and I was all "OMG, I'm totally going to be PROM QUEEN because people like me so much!"

But I'm still hormonal. Could you tell?

And in case you're wondering, Baby Emily is in Boston at Boston Children's Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which is where Chris from Crazy Sexy Cancer is treated, so it can't be a bad place for her to be. Also, I've been following this blog lately and she even linked to Emily's story, so all the guilt I felt about bringing it to you has been washed away. To clarify, I didn't feel guilty about bringing you the story, because it's a desperate situation and her family needs help and I don't feel bad about helping them get it. NOT. ONE. BIT. I'm not sure where the guilt part comes in. Probably because I HATE asking people for things. Apparently that holds true even if the things aren't for me.

And now I must go because I've been blogging all morning and Zach has playgroup in half an hour and I haven't even showered yet.

But First! Deadliest Catch premieres TONIGHT! TWO HOURS! Set your TIVO or DVR or whatever!